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Stephanie Lynn Hubbard

stephanie hubbard, dance, newton Stephanie Lynn Hubbard Stephanie Lynn Hubbard steph

Dancer, choreographer, coach, and instructor Stephanie Lynn Hubbard has dreamed of a career in dance since she was a child. At The Dance Academy, she is sharing her dream with students of all ages by teaching, competing, and performing.

A popular Dance Academy instructor and coach of the Newton North Dance Team, Stef has participated in some of the country’s most daunting dance competitions, including the Hip Hop International Championships in Las Vegas, and the Prelude Championships in New York City and Boston. A performer in the opening act for the Jam’n 94.5 Monster Jam Concert, she has danced with Phunk Penomenon, choreographed and danced for Maverik and Renee Marcou’s “All Night